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As we depart summer and enter into fall I sigh a great breath of relief. I am not a summer lover. I don’t like the hot sun on my neck, am not a huge fan of sweating.

I am, however, a fall lover or fallophilliac. Hot coffee, pumpkins, scarves (I have a full 17′ Dr. Who one styled with the same color pattern as my favorite doctor, Tom Baker), sweaters and jeans, all the fall colors. In an ideal world, there is only one season: autumn.

It is also a wonderful time to read. I most recently snuggled up with Clive Barker’s Damnation Game and was very happy I did so. The ancient struggle of good versus evil is embodied in these two enemies and their quest to outdo, outlast, and out best one another. Similar in that regard to The Great and Secret Show, also by Clive Barker, where essentially the same arch rivals do the same thing. I didn’t mind the repetition of theme and ideas. I was once told that as you write, your message comes through, again and again, and eventually it reaches. I find this in my own work all the time. Marvel Comics does a great job with this. Retelling the same story over and over again in different ways and at different depths. I take comfort in this because it means we really do have a point to what we are writing about or creating.  It’s not just all random, but coming from a deeper, more profound part of us that, in my view, is the truer part. It also means we can’t go wrong with choice of subject matter that we use to create. It’s all valid.


I have a reading pile that I am buried in at  the moment that consists of nothing but thick books. I find that, for the most part, this kind of book is the kind I like to read. There are many exceptions, of course, but the Thick Book seems to afford the level of dept necessary to keep me engaged. I am torn however because many times I want it to end sooner, because there are so many pages i,e. its so thick. Often times I listen to books at 2 or 3 x the speed, to get over the thickness factor. I basically consume books in all mediums: print, ebook and audio. I watch them too, when they are made into movies.

So, being that the Thick Book is my kind of book, I am working on one of my own entitled The Hidden, which, for all intents and purposes is over half way done, but only 2/5’s released.

The (New) Hidden

Click here for adventure

Episode three is scheduled to go up in a month, give or take 4 weeks. This tale revolves around Jack Fuller who finds that he is one of the few people in the world today who has the capacity for producing what the ancient world called The Gemini, a highly intelligent and evolved doppelganger. There is only one thing that this doppelganger wants from Jack: everything.

I have also been engaged in some revising and renewing. My second Thomas Hunter book is now re-released and better for it. And the third installment is well on its way and will be published inside of one month, give or take twenty days.

TH 2 Front CoverSECONDROUNDFLATTENED-1aug cropped for EBOOK

Here for magic and mayhem

Thomas Hunter has to solve a paranormal mind f*@k in this installment without losing his own paranormal mind. Its got occult magick, monsters, shapeshifters, alternate realities, some naughty parts and a whole lot of paranormal sleuthing.

In other news, in the quest to keep my own paranormal mind, I have recently listened to The War of Art, by Steven Pressfeild. This little book, part instruction manual, part metaphysical guidebook, part memoir is a must read for artists– particularly writers–do-gooders and in short anyone trying to do something amazing and/or help the world and the people in it. It really is an incredible book. Very short, but very powerful.  I listened to it twice.

war of arrt

Speaking of amazing, yesterday I asked a young person how he was doing, and he said, and I quote: “I am doing amazing sauces.”

I had to pause. Where do these youngsters learn their vernacular?

All right, I now go off into the land of make believe and buckwheat pancakes, where I never gain any weight and I always rank high on the charts.

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  1. Amazing reading-Jack and Jer. I read it all and then sat and reread it. Great stories from you, Andrew Michael…love the characters.

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