The Hidden Episode 4 “Among The Hidden”

The Hidden Episode 4 Cover copy

Jerry is on the loose, hiding somewhere in Jack’s vicinity, waiting to strike again. The FBI, however, has a plan, one in which Jack is their star player. But another agency, Hellfire Club Ltd, has a better idea. And a more sinister plot. The only question left is: how far is Jack willing to go in the name of revenge?

Finally! It’s here. It took me longer than I wanted it to, that was for sure, but we have it, the next installment of Jack and Jerry.

This episode is probably the most important one of the story and I am proud to present it to the world. It was a fun journey, dark and twisted, but, oh, so enjoyable. I hope you enjoy it, too. And if you haven’t yet begun to “play the game” as Jerry likes to put it, then you really ought to. We won’t disappoint. But don’t take my word at face value. The first episode is permanently free!

In other news…

Epsiode 5 is finished, and by the way, Episode 5 is the final episode, and I promise all strings will be tied up with a few new ones added just for kicks. Now that 4 is done, I will be getting onto the Ep. 5 edits and rewrites and whatnot. Believe me, I want to get this one pub’ed and available just as fast as I can, because I want to get back to my other project: the next Hidden book, The Uncounted.

Yup, that’s begun and I am itching to get right back to it and delve in deep. General research has gone into some very interesting directions for future books. Crime and horror and police procedure. Things are getting interesting.

I’m reading tons and loving it. Dean Koontz, if you’re reading this, I love you. 😉 and James Herbert you’re my hero, wherever you are. Jo Nesbo: good deal, buddy. Also, my hat goes off to Vincent Bugliosi and his true crime sensation of the century, Helter Skelter, The True Story of the Manson Murders. (Now that is some scary shit.) Oh, and thank you Audible for existing!! Anyway, enjoy your date with Jerry.

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