As Above So Below

As above, so below. As within so without…

I’v been completely immersed in research for my next book. Studying the philosophy of this guy: Image

You guessed it, Hermmes Trismegistus.

These ancient dudes developed a whole system of magic called Hermitc Magick. It’s incredible the amount of information that is available about this. These guys really went for it and I don’t know that they were just “making it all up.” Here’s a nutshell version of this whole Hermetic Magick deal: 

Basically King Solomon (named as the wisest man in all the world in the bible) was quite adept in the handling and taming of demons. Whole books of have been written–contemporary with the bible–about King Solomon’s “keys” of control. 

Back story: in the days of Noah, a group of angels that were supposed to be watching over mankind decided it would be better if they got involved sexually with mankind’s women. So they had at it. They mixed with biblical humans and gave them all kinds of data about technology and how the celestial bodies work and, anyway, they told them “too much.” They also knocked up the women. The offspring of this strange union were amazing superhero types. Giants and “men of renown.” The Nephilim were great warriors. Goliath as in David and Goliath was one such Nephilim. Anyway, this did not please God so he sent the Great Flood to wipe them out. 

Well, this didn’t work as intended because the Nephalim spirits were still around in the earth and so on. 

Anyway, eons later, King Solomon ended up receiving a ring of power from the arch angel Micheal and this ring of power was a means by which to control this horde of these fallen angels a.k.a. demons. That’s where demons come from. So…Solomon was so good at all this that he built the first temple in Jerusalem with the help of these demon hordes. They would move heavy blocks and do things men could not. Pretty good. Then all manner of occult data became available and a system of magic to rival any fantasy novel was born. 





 You’ve got different things there the first few are alphabets and sigils of this magic language, these last two are Solomon’s seal, I guess what he wore on his ring of power. 

In case you were wondering this is the magick of Merlin and Nostradamus. So, it’s quite famous. 


So, that’s the update from the Other World. There’s always a lot happening over there. This afternoon after the meet and greet bar-B-Q thing I’ve got an appointment with Enoch, the angel medium and I am told he makes a mean cup of coffee.