What Profession Should a Protagonist Be? Opinions Welcome.

So, I’ve been going on a Stephen King role on Audible with the Tommyknockers and now I am almost done with The Dark Half. I purchased Cujo and am likely to read some of the Bachman books too. In other words, I got off the fence on Stephen King and became a fan in the true sense. 

So, here’s the point: every main character seems to be a writer. 

I had heard somewhere along the line, in my many travels, that one is not supposed to have main characters who are writers because it shows that you’re needy or some such. I say bollocks to that. Writers apparently make great main characters.

Looking over my own stuff, most of my characters are detectives or amateur sleuths. I used to do a lot of PI work, logged a few thousand hours as a surveillance operative and once went under cover and infiltrated a suspected fraud ring, so, having been an amateur sleuth myself, I guess I have a natural bent toward that. But more, I find it pretty helpful to have a clue-hunter for a protagonist because in the process he seems to find the plot too. 

Any opinions on what profession makes for the best protagonist?