Some Movie Cliches That Make Me Crazy

Does anyone know why whenever a foreign character in a movie talks to the main character in the foreign language, the foreigner has to say mean and disparaging things to the main character about the main character? A long dead running joke about how foreigners are always secretly making fun of us, I guess.

I grow so weary of these kinds of cliches. Smelling fear is another one. Always have to “smell” the fear. Yawn. What does fear smell like? Sweat? Why can’t they ever smell the sweat?

Scenes where one character is peeing. Game of Thrones likes to show characters peeing. Why? Added realism? Do we really need to see the tinkle time?

Pixar movies fit into this, too. They are always good. And they are always the same. But they’re good. But they’re the same. UG!

Some are more partial to a series. I listened to Wizard’s First Rule and then my wife listened to all the books in that series. If I hear “You’re a rare person, Richard Cipher” one more time…!

A new one, at least from what I can see, is vomiting something that resembles a raw egg.

And the last one that always makes me shake my head: why, oh why, do the actors never drink the liquid? Coffee, water, wine, fake wine, they never take a real sip. Ahhhh! Why not? Do they really do that many scene takes that taking a sip in every re-take would constitute an overdose at the end of the day?

2 thoughts on “Some Movie Cliches That Make Me Crazy

  1. And RE liquids, why do actors always handle the cup, tip it, tilt it, carry it, hand it to someone, sip from it, in a way that indicates it is completely empty. Same with loading ‘heavy’ boxes on a truck. And with regard to vomiting, do actors practice that? None seem to be very good at it, but if it were me, the very act of having something in my mouth would probably induce REAL vomiting on my part.

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