Prizes at the Door

Hello Fellow Bloggers, I want to get some feedback on my book Demon of Montreal. Here’s a link where you can download the free sample off Amazon.

And if you like it, I can give a free e-copy to the first 10 people as my way of saying Thank You for helping a fellow blogger spread the word and get off the launching pad. Not a bad door prize all things considered. 

If not for you, nothing lost. 

Whitey approves…


4 thoughts on “Prizes at the Door

  1. Read the free sample. It’s good! I want to read the rest of it. I want to know what Abby thinks of losing more than she bargained for. And already, you have my implicit trust that you wont let anything eternally damaging happen to her. Maybe I just have to believe that, being a hesitant explorer of the dark realms of depression and the supernatural.. Could I win a free e-book?

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