How to Make a Facebook Ad for Books

Sometimes I can’t take it. You know what I mean? You just need one piece of specific information to do one thing and all you can find are posts that tell you to review all options and make the best choice, or some such wording, and all you can say is: just tell me what the best choice is!

Here is how to do it:

Go to facebook ads manager page: just google facebook ads manager.

Select Create Ad; it should then load your content. If that doesn’t happen then you probably have to create a facebook page, like an author page in order to get an account.

Select campaign objective: choose Send people to your website. Hit Continue.

Choose an audience: put in All English if that’s your language and select a daily budget, start with the minimum of 5 per day.

Scroll to where you see “INCLUDE people who match at least ONE of the following” and go to the field where it says “demographics.” Then choose all the things that relate to your book, like Anne Rice, Horror fiction, Stephen King, Clive Barker, Stephen King Fans, etc. It’s okay to be broad on the meter up top. Hit continue.

Now you’re on the format page, do a single image. At this point if you haven’t designed your ad, go do so. In photo shop make a new file. Set it at 1200 pixels wide and 627 pixels tall. Stick your book cover on there and then some come-on buttons that you think will make people buy or look or read.


If you don’t know photo shop you have to learn it. Best way to learn it is to trick someone into sending you an original photo shop file (a book cover) which you can then open in photo shop and see how it was put together.

Then you enter data into the other fields and what not. If you want to link to Amazon: go to your book page on Amazon and copy the url link and then go to and shorten and customize the link. Like this: (or whatever your book title is, obviously.)

And that’s it. Wait for approval from facebook droids.


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