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Hello there! Welcome to my project board. This is where I post updates on projects that I have in the works.

Right now I have three main projects going.

Thomas Hunter:

Cover (4)

TH is a multiple book, urban fantasy detective mystery/adventure. Think Occult Philip Marlowe meets the Devil at the Vatican. The first three books have been written, and the fourth is under construction. I am envisioning this series to go for at least 9 books.

Incorruptible, Thomas Hunter Volume 1 Ebook will be released in the next 48 to 72 hours after the time of this writing (March 11, 15). I then should have the print book released a week or two later, and meanwhile will be hanging the audio rights up on ACX (aka Audible) for any royalty sharing voice artists.

Volume II, Chapel Perilous is schedule to be released in May of 2015 and Volume III Know Thyself is slated for June/July. I will keep these dates “up to date” as time goes by, but hopefully, I won’t have to change them at all!

The Fallen: 

(No cover yet!)

The Fallen is a traditional horror story without the blood and guts. It focuses on one supernatural element–a doppelganger or body double–and the actions and reactions of those around it. It delves into genetics and mythology to pull together a riveting tale of suspense, fright and family. I will be releasing this in serialized parts. There will be 5 parts. The first 3 parts are written and just beginning their editing journey. The 4th episode is researched and half written with the 5th and final episode close behind.

Back List:

Godsign book cover finalThe Ceti Cover

Back List (which really should be called Back Log, but that term has such a nasty connotation), of course, is not a title of a book or series at all, but representative of 3 books that have been written and have not yet seen the light of publication. Here we have a sci-fi romance called The Ceti and an epic weird fantasy called Godsign, a 3 book series of which the first 2 have been written.  While the covers are done, and have been done for awhile on 2 of these books, I have not had the time or energy to do what it takes to get these ready for publication. Part of the consideration for putting these on the back burner is in light of newer product that I feel has more commercial promise. It’s not that I think these 3 books in the back list are bad books or something, very far from it, but in the quest of self publishing, one has to spend his time and energy very wisely and push what he thinks has most commercial value. Hence, TH and The Fallen come first, since I think the commercial value of those books /series is quite favorable.

At any rate, that’s what’s on the project board in terms of product. There is another list of To Do’s which have to do with promotion including my website (yes, a real website, not just a blog), which is under construction and only moderately stalled due to ornery construction workers.

Otherwise, may the Force and the odds be ever with your favor.

(that was slogan humor in case anyone didn’t get it. and i know it was cheesy.)



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